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FROM approx. 7PM - Midnight, we're going to be playing films made by independent filmmakers! If the filmmakers and actors desire, we will include a Q&A Session before/after the showing!  This is at NO ADDITIONAL COST FOR TICKETHOLDERS!

We'll work with the hotel to have accommodations, such as drinks, popcorn and snackables available for purchase. Bring a blanket, or anything you'd like to get cozy! PJs are acceptable!

Below will be the names of the film, their poster, and showtime! If there's a Q&A, it'll be listed alongside it's respective film! Watch one, watch them all! 

Want to submit your film? Please email
Please keep submissions under or around 90-120min. No Scorsese 4 hour films, please. Films with nudity, excessive violence, or any other ratings of note must be disclosed prior to acceptance, so we can display film information below properly. Include a link to website, IMDB, Amazon/Tubi submission, or other means to pre-screen your product.

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