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FrightReads is proud to present, on our main stage, the first Creative Writing Showcase! What is this, you ask? We're looking for short, short flash fiction, poetry, song or musings around horror, science fiction, the macabre, etc. This is your chance to get heard! Your work does NOT have to be published, or it it's final form, but we do ask to submit your best work off!

We're looking to chose around 20 entrants to participate. Think you have what it takes? We'll have prizes to give out, plus, if you're selected, you get FREE ENTRY for you and a guest! Bring a friend! Bring Grandma! Bring your neighbor, or your accountant! 

Details of the entry are listed below. Please email all submissions to: with the subject: "FrightReads Creative Writing Entry"



All subject matter should be unique, please do not plagiarize. (We will check) Unless it's been previously published by yourself, do not try it.

Works should be original pieces written by the author, in either poetry, prose, or standard literary form. We'll accept short short flash fiction, or essay form as well. Please no erotica or gratuitous sex scenes, or depictions of rape, or severe torture.


12 PT Font, Times New Roman

1-inch margins

Microsoft word format, .DOCX (No PDF)

No more than 1000 Words. (In the close neighborhood is fine, if you go over trying to finish your thought. Nothing over 1200 will be accepted.)


We're going to be putting up some partition to hang some art from, as well as having a few tables to display carvings, statues, and freestanding objects! We're looking for drawings, paintings, original pieces of hand made art to display within the event show floor. 

Artwork pieces MUST be brought the Friday before the show, or early Saturday AM. Works must be taken home by 5PM Sunday. (You are permitted to sell your art, if you feel so inclined to do so. Please bring digital or cash payments if you'd like to do that.)

We will pick best works in: DRAWN (painting, colored pencil, etc) and  SCULPTED (paper mache, clay, etc)

Please submit only original works created by you. For submission to be considered, please submit a photo of your creation to with the subject "Art Gallery Submission" for consideration. It can be a work in progress, just explain that in the email description. 

Winners will receive 2 tickets for you and a guest to attend Fright Reads for the showcase!


Creation MUST be able to fit inside in order to display at the event. Item must be portable and able to hang, or rest on a table as needed. 

Creation must not depict rape, or violent sexual crime (all ages event, obviously)

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