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Halfway to Halloween is this May! We have a few panels, some information, and entertainment headed your way! Please refer to this page for our programming updates and changes!

Online Marketing and Money -Timothy D. Craggette

Author and marketing expert Timothy D. Craggette will be speaking at our event! If you're an author, crafter, or creator and want to know steps to take to become more successful in your online (and in person) shop, Timothy is your guy! Consider looking at his latest book release "The HOW is the WAY TO MAKE MONEY Online!"


Things Forsaken! Build a Story!

Things Forsaken wants YOU to help write a story! They'll set up a shell of a story, and YOU, the audience, helps fill in the gaps! Think MAD-LIBS meets Improv!


Moe Lane - Crowdfunding and YOU!

Author Moe Lane will open the floor up for discussion about the methods, tactics and tips on how to crowdfund a book! This information easily translates into art, comics, or even film, so listen in on what Moe has learned!



Join Jennia along with author L.C. Son and Laura Buckheit as they discuss vampires, and the fascination we have with them through the years!

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