Helpful Information Regarding FrightReads

What is this event?

FrightReads is an all-ages, family-friendly event dedicated to putting all of the fall and Halloween under one roof! Vendors ranging from candle makers to jewelers will be in attendance with our wonderful local authors!

What is the current COVID-19 Mask Policy?

Presently, we are requesting that you wear a mask if you can. Anne Arundel County does not require masks if you are vaccinated. There will also be hand sanitizer stations located through the facility, as well as provided by several vendors at their tables.

I want to wear a costume to this event, what's the deal?

On the off chance you feel like wearing a Halloween costume to a book festival, we recommend several guidelines to follow. No firearm-type weapons, which includes but isn't limited to airsoft, paintball, or NERF. 

Costumes should not be big and bulky. Remember there are small aisleways, and in some cases very delicate merchandise on the tables. 

FrightReads loves Halloween. However, it is a recommendation from all of us that you save the costumes for the local Trunk or Treats, MonsterMania, or October 31st. We do, however, recommend you wear your favorite horror clothing! Sport your best IT shirt! Your greatest Wednesday Addams tank top! Wear a super cool Beetlejuice cloth face mask!

Bottom line: If you feel you want to wear a costume, we won't stop you. Be courteous and cognizant of your surroundings and the crowd. If there is a costume that cannot be worn safely, be prepared to leave it in the car.

Should I bring cash? Card?

It is strongly recommended to bring some cash. Most vendors will be able to accept card payments, however. On the off-chance there is no internet connection, or they lack electronic payments, it is recommended to bring a small amount of paper cash.

Keep in mind these are not large businesses, rather, small, family-owned operations that are set up.

*Author Name Here* is at the event! Can they sign my books?

Absolutely! Typically, if you've purchased a book from an author, it goes without saying that it gets autographed. Be sure to let them know if you need the book made out to a friend or relative if it is a gift!

It never hurts to ask.

**Autographs are subject to charge for certain guests, but are generally free with purchase of a book. Check with the specific guest at the event for full details**

I have an issue while I'm at the event, who do I see?

Clearly marked will be the FrightReads staff. They'll be the guys and gals in the bright orange shirts that read "STAFF." Feel free to stop one of us and ask for assistance, directions, or to provide feedback on a vendor or aspect of the event!

I want to be a vendor!

While that's not much of a question, we sure get that a lot! We love talking to new authors and small businesses about being a part of the event. Here are some of the criteria:
-Halloween, Fall, or similarly themed items. This can be horror books, fall decor, or macabre props, and everything in between!

-No MLM's. We're looking to give those Mom and Pop shops a fair shot. While we are a sucker for Scentsy, we'll see you at a local craft fair.

-If you're not sure that you fit, ask! We've talked to people that have books about Thanksgiving! While that's a stretch, it's still fall!

-Get in early with the event. The closer to fall it becomes, the less tables we have. 

Email: info@frightreads for any questions on becoming a vendor or apply HERE

I want to sponsor this event, but how?

We love our sponsors. Our local book stores, comic book shops and more have been such an asset in making sure this event gets off the ground. We'd love to promote your shop on any of our fliers, social media posts, and more!

If you have questions, send us an email at info@frightreads.com and we'll discuss future event sponsorship! Otherwise view the package details over on our SPONSOR page!