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Can I wear a costume?

Absolutely! We 110% encourage it! Please be mindful that we will have a costume weapon and prop check before you get inside. You may want to consider signing up for the costume contest if you're feeling up for it!

Where is the Venue?

Benfield Sportscenter is tucked away just off I-97, near both Veterans Highway and Crain Highway. While it's off the beaten path, it's not too well hidden. We do advise everyone that is visiting us to please be mindful of the entrance, as it can be overlooked in an instant. Fear not! It's a business park, simply turn around at the intersection and try again!

Is it all ages?

ABSOLUTELY YES! We are still working to bring you the same event you've grown to know and love over the years, just in a new place. 

Are there hotels nearby?

Absolutely! Were working out a room block with the hotel to give you some fancy room accommodations! Please use our link to get the special rates, and book your weekend ASAP! Once they go live, please book your room quick, as they will sell out quick.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Absolutely! We highly recommend to grab them from our online ticket page, as it will be cheaper than in person. We're a firm believer in trying to keep our ticket costs low, but we still have expenses to pay for ourselves. 

Is there stuff to eat?

We'll work our best to find food options to host at our venue directly, but there are tons of eateries nearby! Just ask some of our staff at the event for great recommendations, or ask the all knowing Google!


We mentioned it in the costume portion, but please:


-NO BLUNT METAL OBJECTS (bats, crowbars, clubs)

Please use a cosplay rule of thumb: If it feels too dangerous to wield in public, don't. SAFETY is our primary concern. 

I'm an author, can I sell my books?

Yes! Our vendor application is the catch-all for anyone looking to get a table! If you're an author, film-maker, musician, crafter, artist, etc., it's all the same for our back-end purposes. Please fill out the vendor form, and we'll be in touch with an approval if your application gets approved!

Is the event all day and night?

Our EVENT runs from 12-6 both days. We are looking to host some additional programming following our event, to include film screenings! Please keep up with our event through the year to find out what we have running, and check our schedule of events that will be posted a few weeks prior to the event!

Will there be student or Military discounts?

We're working on the logistics of that. Once we hammer the pricing out, we should be able to offer discounted tickets for verified Veterans, and those attending a school. Presently, we would like to offer the students tickets through a college, and will work to have verification methods for that.

Short answer? YES! We want to take care of students and vets! (And active duty)

I make AI Art. Can I vend?

Short answer? No.

Long answer: AI Art is a tool. It's a software that pulls from a database of works of art to create your design. While we think it's super neat, we do not allow AI Artists at FrightReads. We have too many artists that have honed and perfected the craft manually to replace them with a computer. 

If someone is deemed to be an AI Artist, they will be asked to leave the event, and no refund will be given for the vendor space.

Should I bring Cash? Card?

We can't really guide you on that. The golden rule is: "Cash is King." Most of our vendors and guests will accept digital payments in some form, but in the event of a network outage, or they do not support online payments, please bring cash just in case.

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