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Sponsorship Packages

We love working with the local businesses and individuals that keep our surrounding area running! From bars to book stores, clothing shops, restaurants, and more: we're here to connect with you! Detailed below are some of our sponsor packages!

We would love to have your support! We're working hard to book venues, materials, talent, and more, and your assistance would be appreciated.

To sponsor, or If there are additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to

Level 1


What you get: 
-Logo and links added to our Sponsors section on the website.

-Social media posts made about your sponsorship, minimum of three posts with links. (Please provide specific info and images if running specials, showcasing particular products, etc.)
-One wall space for a banner, no larger than 3x5. Banner must be received by FrightReads no later than two weeks prior to the event. Must have grommets to hang from nets, or will be taped to a wall.

Level 2


What you get:
-Everything from Level 1!
-1 Vendor/booth space! 10x10, including 1 folding table and 2 chairs.
-can place cardboard cutouts, additional signage at the entrance of the event, limit two additional signs beyond the hung banner described in Level 1.

Level 3

Open Discussion Amount

What you get:

-Everything from both Level 1 & 2!

-We'll have to discuss what else we can do for you! If we get radio time, podcast time, etc, your name will be dropped!

-If planning to buy in at more than $400, please email us at

to discuss logistics.

Our Sponsors and Partners


Caprichos Books

Independent MD Bookstore

Liz has a wonderful bookstore, and has been a launching platform for most of the authors we've been able to feature! Give her store a look! Caprichos has wonderful exclusives, pre-order signed books, among so many other great things!


Third Eye Comics

Maryland Comic Shop

Third Eye Comics has been a staple in most of our lives for well over a decade! With locations spanning Southern Maryland and Virginia, you can't, and shouldn't, miss this super awesome store!
"Buy Third Eye or Die!"


Irina's Crepes Cafe

Local Crepe Shop

Irina's Crepes Cafe is a local shop in Glen Burnie, Maryland that serves crepes, waffles, and so much more! If you're looking for a quick breakfast, or a wonderful place to go to brunch, this is the location!

Open 6 days a week, Tuesday-Sunday, Irina's is sure to have something on the menu to please everyone!


Things Forsaken

Macabre Props Webseries

Inspired by history & Lore, along with compelling original fictional stories, comes a whole new brand of entertainment. Combining storytelling with skilled Artisans creating works while in character portrayal and re-enactment.

Story time...Just...Got...REAL!


Joe Ruggerio State Farm Agent

Kakhi Wearing Insurance Agency

Joe and his team strive to be your first and preferred choice for insurance and financial service needs. They focus on Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, and Financial Services throughout Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


Curmudgeon Book Store

Independent Book Store

Curmudgeon Books is a book store located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. They feature tons of old books, used movies, as well as new releases! Curmudgeon also carries loads of our featured authors! Be sure to stop in today for your shopping needs!

Law Champion Mitch Greenberg

The Law Champion - Law Offices of Mitch Greenberg

Worker's Comp and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Those in search of legal protection have many fears to confront. The unsettled landscape of the law is as wild and unknowable as a dark, deep jungle. If facing criminal charges, workers’ compensation concerns, personal injury, or medical malpractice issues, you need a champion to fight for you. Behold the LawChampion! Attorney Mitchell Greenberg is a noble gladiator of justice.



Marketing Firm, Rapper in Kansas City, KS

Christopher J. Standish JR., known professionally as “Standish”, is an American rapper, marketer, author, and entrepreneur from Kansas City, Kansas. Standish has always had a unique passion for the industry, starting from the early age of 10 years old as a self-taught promoter/graphic designer before finding his feet and true passion in making music.

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