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Parking and Accommodations

We want to give you a full experience, so let us give you a few ideas on everything from Parking to Hotels (if you're coming from out of town!)

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Located right in the epicenter of everything, it's pretty easy to get to! Easily accessable bus routes and right off Route 100, it's findable by any Uber/Lyft service you need as well!

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The Event Center has a ton of options available, including the Mall food court and surrounding areas. These are some of our favorites in the area:

-Irina's Crepes Cafe - Breakfast/Brunch food served until 3pm (closed Mon), approx 10 Min away

-Bubba's 33 - Bar and Grille with cold beer and good burgers, approx 10 min away

-Copper Canyon - Medium-Upscale dining with a fantastic food selection, in the parking lot

Crabtowne - Super fun family seafood restaurant with a full ARCADE inside! 10 minutes down Route 100 and I-97!





The Live Event Center is perfectly positioned with ample parking! Not only is there a full parking garage, there are plenty of spaces around the outside surrounding the mall!

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