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FrightReads Book Fest 2023

The Three-quel!

We featured a ton of new things this year! First, we tried TWO DAYS! It seems like that was a hit, because nobody had to choose between Rennfaire and us! Can't come because of work? We offered two days!

We also featured several fantastic authors! Ronald Malfi and Adam Cesare came to play with their fantastic works!

This year was a new twist: Celebrities! We featured the Original Stay Puft Billy Bryan from Ghostbusters, First Jason Ari Lehman, Scream Queens Linnea Quigley and Monique Dupree, Walking Dead Zombie Jeremy Ambler, and the cast of CLERKS! Brian O'Halloran, Trevor Fehrman, Ming Chen, and Scott Schiaffo were on deck! They have each been in respective horror properties, but who wouldn't want clerks!? They're not even supposed to be here today!

VIPS & Special Guests


Event Gallery

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